Chastity for Beginners

Chastity for Beginners

Chastity can be a very fun way of engaging remotely with me. The deep urge to experience sexual satisfaction only to be denied and have the temptation build up to ecstatic heights is a fetish fantasy that many people crave.

To begin the journey and fun of chastity, you first have to learn how to navigate the physical attributes of wearing a chastity cage.

Which Chastity Cage should I order?

A lot of people who are long term devotees of chastity will go through the process of buying many different chastity cages over there life. They usually do this to find one that fits their changing needs. Some examples are: sizing issue, an added bonus of a urethral plug, or to accommodate a cock piercing. Different chastity devices are made for different levels of comfort, devotion to chastity and duration of wear.

The Holy Trainer is my preferred beginner cage from House of Denial

For a beginning I would advise a starter cage plastic or silicone cage like the Holy Trainer or the CB6000. They are quite similarly shaped and are made of plastic or silicon that covers the entire length of the cock. While this amount of coverage makes cleaning a bit more difficult, these materials are more comfortable for long term wear, or beginners in chastity. 

The primary difference of the CB6000 and the Holy Trainer are the lock feature. The Holy Trainer has an internal locking mechanism and is sold with the key included. The CB6000 is a cage requires you to purchase a separate lock to lock onto the mechanism. I highly recommend browsing the House of Denial website for a wide variety of reasonably priced cages.

What size of cage should I get?

I love a metal cage with a sexy lacy lingerie look.

Well since your cock is so tiny and insignificant, I would suggest the smallest one. But for your comfort, the best way to find out is to measure the length of your flaccid cock and buy a cage that is around the size of the measurement. The same goes for the ring size. Take a measuring tape or a small piece of non stretch string and measure the circumference of the based of your scrotum and penis where the ring will be and choose a ring circumference that is a little bigger than that number. 

Consider the ring and the gap between the base of the cage and the base of the ring. Their measurements have to be tight enough not to pop off of your testicles. Keep in mind not to get one that is too tight that it will stop circulation. 

How do I put it on?

The first thing to do is unlock and open up your chastity cage. If the cage that you have is one with a hinge opening ring, you open the ring and wrap it around your cock and balls. If it is a solid ring cage that you have, then you stick your balls in one at a time. Be careful not to pinch your scrotum. Once the ring is snuggly on, lube up your flaccid cock (it must be flaccid). Stick the business end of the cage onto your member making sure to connect the ring and the cage together. Time to lock up the cage and give the key to me and watch as it dangles teasingly between my bosom.

Hygiene and Chastity

Smooth and squeaky clean.

Personal Hygiene is incredibly important, even more so when you are wearing a chastity cage. Make sure that you wash yourself daily. You must also wash your caged cock. The best way to do that would be with a Q-tip and a bit of water and body wash. Stick the Q-tip into you cage from the base of your cock and give it a clean from the inside. Once you are done, give your cock and cage a thorough spray with the powerful jets of water from your shower head. This ensures that any dead skin and sweat is cleaned from your cage.

This cleaning process essential of you have a full enclosed cage. But even with the metal ones, it is important to give the cage and your cock a good rinse. Push your flaccid cock around to get in-between the nooks and crannies. No one likes a rancid smelly smidgen of meat when the cage is finally unlocked for that highly anticipated orgasm.

Chastity Tips and Tricks

  • If you have a hinge ring chastity device the hinge part of the ring might be irritating on your scrotum. It is helpful to get a small bit of rubber tubing the same diameter as the ring of your cage and covering the hinge bit to protect from pinching.
My dirty little Chastity Slave
  • If you are using a device that has an external lock and the lock is making a noise as it hits against your cage, wrapping a rubber band around the lock will mute the sound.
  • If in the middle your sleep your raging boner is keeping you awake, going to the bathroom to have a piss and a breather will help to calm it down and put you back into the sleeping mood.
  • A tiny amount of lube around the ring of the cage before you sleep at night is also helpful for comfort. It reduces the friction between the ring and your skin when you cock is having a frustrating hard on.

I adore chastity and enforcing a strict denial and provocation of pleasure with my playthings.

For more juicy details on how I relish the feeling of withholding your sweet orgasms and playing with your masturbation habits, have a look at this blog post.