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About Miss Opium

About Miss Opium

Enter my dominating embrace.

Submit to my power.

Forget about your troubles.

Become your true self.

Turning full grown men into pliable little puddles at my feet is one of my many talents. Oriental Mistress with a passion for elegant domination, I am a pro and lifestyle Domme. My domineering yet friendly personality attracts a plethora of handsome suitors all desperate for an inkling of my attention.

My interest however is not to find a slave but to weave elaborate narratives of sexual fantasies within the boundaries of Femdom. I enjoy using my feminine charms and intellectual powers to push submissives into deep subspace. My intuition and keen observation will mean every little movement or reaction will not go unnoticed. I will play your body like a virtuoso. Nurturing matron, devious seductress, sadistic disciplinarian, are only some of the many roles I play.

Rest assured that in the Opium Den, your secret is safe with me, and your submission will be protected. Expose the most hidden depths of your submissive nature to me and I will take you.

Whatever your level of experience, I will enjoy taking control of you.

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