This FAQ section answers popular questions in order to minimize email exchanges and get you closer to an amazing session with me.

Why haven’t you answered my email?

Be patient, good things are worth the wait. I have a very busy schedule and admin work is only 1 of the infinite tasks on my list. It can take up to 7 days for me to answer emails and contact forms. If after 7 days I have not responded, it is most likely because I am not satisfied with your method of communication. You are welcome to try again perhaps with more information, appropriate grammar or respect.

What is your recommended session length?

I would recommend a minimum of a 2 hour session booking at our first meeting. This gives me time to relieve you of your nerves and gives us time to get comfortable with each other. A longer session also gives us the luxury of being able to enjoy each other’s company and explore your sexual fantasies and fetishes in a more meaningful and leisurely way. 

How will a session begin?

When you arrive I expect you to speak only when spoken to. I will initiate a light hearted chat where I can get to know your kinks better and ease you into our experience together. Once I am ready I will instruct you to remove your clothes and get on all fours. This is an indication that the session as begun.

How am I expected to behave?

The basis of any D/s dynamic is equality. Only through a basis of equality can we have power exchange. You only need to enter into our session with respect and open mindedness and I will guide your behavior to suit our session.

Late arrivals for an appointment

If you are running late please let me know through email. All the time that is lost due to your lateness will be taken out of our time together. If I am running late I will let you know via email and any lost time will be added onto the session. If you are running more than 15 min late and I do not hear from you I will assume you are a no show and the session will be cancelled.

Can I take you out for a meal or a drink?

I don’t drink, but I would love to be taken out for coffee or a meal. If you would like to do so, you will need compensate me for my time.

My fetish is not listed on your site.

I love learning about the different kinks and fantasies that manifest. If you fill out the contact sheet with your fetish I will let you know whether I will partake in it or not. Even if I choose not to partake please do not feel ashamed, I respect and appreciate everyone’s unique sexual desires.

Questions about your cum

You erotic pleasure is crucial part of our experience together but your orgasm is not. Cumming however fun it may be, is only a very small aspect of sexual pleasure. If you cum early and would like to continue I am happy to continue, alternatively we can enjoy each other’s company or you may leave. If you cannot cum when instructed to do so, please let me know. Please do not feel pressured to finish or ashamed if you cannot.

What are complete deal breakers?

Rudeness and pushy behavior will not be tolerated. That include irritating behavior masked as “cheekiness”.

If you touch me or grope me in any way without my explicit invitation or permission, the session will be cut short and you will be asked to leave.

If I believe you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or not in an appropriate mental state to session with me I will ask you to leave.