The Woman

About the Woman

“They are a cross between psycho-dramatist and therapist. Pro-dominas are about the business of fantasy realization.

She must be confident enough to intuit and focus on the needs of many different personalities and strong enough pull off scene after scene with expertise and finesse.”

-Screw the Roses Send me the Thorns


Behind the fantasy and drama, I am a natural dominant. I take the leadership role in all that I care about. I have been interested in and fantasized about being a powerful woman as far back as I could remember. For instance, Femme Fatales, female mob bosses and female assassins were my favourties in media.

As my sexuality developed, I found I attracted soft boys, and I often embarrassed them in front of others. I revelled in seeing their faces blush and their devotion to me deepen the more I humiliated them. I had my first taste of femdom at the early age of 16 when my first boyfriend revealed his submissive desires to me. After this, the flood gates were open and I began realizing my sexual identity.

Since then, I have been practicing lifestyle domination. BDSM forms both my sexual and relationship identity, but also a deeply enthralling subject matter to learn about. I spend a lot of my time going to workshops and honing my craft, and pouring over material about sexuality and psychology. I play at home and events, learning to recognise and understand psychological characteristics of submissives around the world.


Femdom is an adoration of mine and it affects in varying degrees everything I do in my life. Above all, femdom for me begins with trust, compassion, open-mindedness and understanding, and finishes with a roaring good time.

My domination style is reactive; it adapts based on the desires, fetishes and idiosyncrasies of my playmate. As part of this, I am only interested in creating a meaningful power exchange and having a wonderful time. Through my femdom career, I have formed many meaningful relationships and created some of my fondest memories.

If you have not gathered already, I would describe myself as a classic sensual Domina. In other words, full of elegance, danger, care and sophistication, I will handle your body with confidence and wield a crop as skilfully as I do my words.

Whoever said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me,” has clearly never played with me.

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