Newbie Advice

London Asian Dominatrix Miss Opium Newbie Advice

Newbie Advice

I imagine you must be at my site because something about me tempted you to approach. Whatever it is that draws you to me, I am here to give you a bit of newbie advice on how to have a successful experience with me. I would love nothing more than share a memorable femdom dynamic with you, but you need to put in the leg work to make it happen.

Method of Approach

The basis of any civilized encounter is respect and negotiation. It is important that you follow the simple instructions on my website. Please address me as Miss Opium in our email exchanges. I am not in the business of taking deposits and running away, but my inbox is full of time wasters. Show your sincerity by paying the deposit once the session time and date has been agreed upon rather than filling my inbox with a never ending email exchange. I will be happy to discuss our session and any concerns you may have afterwards.

If we do not agree on how the session should be done or I do not cater to the fetishes that you desire I will refund your deposit. (This is not some sort of loophole for a refund on a last minute cancellation or a no show.)

How to behave in my presence

During our entire session I expect you to address me as Mistress or Miss. Prior to the beginning of our time together I will chat with you and ease you into the experience in the way I see fit. Once the session has begun it is important that you take the experience seriously.


Consent is a vital part of any sexual encounter. By booking a session with me you are consenting to the activities that we agree upon in your contact sheet. Prior to the beginning of the session I will discuss further with you the activities that you desire. At any point during our time together, I encourage you to vocalize if you would like to slow down, take a break, stop completely or revoke consent using the following safe words.

Yellow: Slow down

Red: Stop

Submission means that you have relinquished your power to me and given me control. With that control I have responsibilities to protect you.

Research your Fetishes

Doing research on your desired fetishes is very important. There are plenty of resources available on the internet that will guide you through your desired activities whether its anal (which comes with anal training, poppers, douching etc.) or chastity (which comes with cage cleaning, key holding, hygiene etc.) it is incredibly helpful if your understanding of your fetish is beyond just pornhub.


Research and communication come hand in hand. It is helpful for me if you look deep into yourself and describe to me the emotions and particular triggers that certain fetishes have for you. A single fetish can mean a variety of different things for different people. Foot fetish is a good example of this. Some people enjoy foot worship for the physicality of the experience, the scent, the taste the textures, while other people enjoy the humiliating aspects of being beneath me physically and symbolically. The more I understand the psychology behind your fetishes and fantasies the more intense our time together will be.

Personal Hygiene

In my experience, this has never been an incredible problem. Everyone knows how to shower and brush their teeth or take a mint. Personal hygiene is only really an issues when it comes to anal play. If this is something that you enjoy please learn to douche appropriately before you come in for a session. Here is a simple guide to douching and here is a link for where you can buy a douche.


With the nature of your arrangement, discretion is paramount. Any information you divulge to me whether its your sexual fantasies to your personal information will be handled with the utmost discretion. I expect the same courtesy from you. Everything in our experience together stays in the privacy of the Opium Den.

Personal Preparation Before the Session

Priming Your Libido

Seeing me is a luxury and is something you have built up from the moment you started consuming my content to making that big leap towards booking time together. During this time perhaps nerves are high or you might feel extra horny already. I love horniness in my play things. I suggest that the week before coming to see me you have a browse through my content to heighten your enthusiasm and desire to see me. 48 hours before the session it is best to refrain from wanking so that you are extra horny and ready to burst by the time you see me. For added thrill try edging yourself, getting close to orgasm but refrain from allowing yourself release. Nothing pleases me more than a nice horny little toy.

On the journey from your home to our session location you can come wearing a butt plug or a chastity cage. This can help to put you in the right mind space for what is to come. If you do wear a chastity cage don’t forget to bring the key.

Ultimately I am here as a safe space for you to explore your kinks and femdom fantasies without any prejudice. I understand that there are many mental obstacles that come with being a submissive male and engaging in ‘taboo’ sexual activities. I will work to ease you into the experience, but it is important for you to relinquish control and let yourself enjoy the experience.