To Book a Session

  1. Follow the Link on the contact page and fill out the application form. You will be contacted through email shortly afterwards to arrange details.
  2. Once you accept you must pay a 50% tribute deposit before your booking is confirmed.

Same day bookings are available at my discretion. Booking cancellations will result forfeited deposit.


Shoe, Stocking or Clothing Worship

Strap-on fucking

Anal training

Sensory deprivation

Slave protocol training

Roleplay / scenarios

Face sitting (covered)


Forced Fem

Pantyhose / nylon worship

Rope bondage




Humiliation / degradation

Corporal punishment



Spit worship


Splooshing or Food Based Play

I love making a big mess with food, watching your body experience its deliciousness entirely improperly, covering your body in a sticky dribbly mess as your mouth is desperate for a little taste brings me nothing but joy.


Verbal Humiliation

I delight in making you feel as small and insignificant as the tiny little bit of lint in between my toes. But I understand that verbal humiliation isn’t for everyone and equally session focused purely on the act of submitting or sensations can be arranged.


Anal training

Whether you have a well used butthole or you are a tight little newbie, I will train you to take more, push you just a little bit more, because what is a good sub if not to push himself a little for his Mistress?


Impact Play (in all of its iterations)

A classic but my absolute favourite. The laws of physics dictate that the smaller the surface area the greater the concentration of pain. Feel the burn of my tiny little hands slapping your bare bottom red.


Humiliating Cock and Ball Bondage and Tease

I loved a good tied up sausage wiggling in pleasure unable to get out.  


Foot fetish/worship

My porcelain and tiny size-3 feet delight in a good foot massage, or the attention of a lucky admirer. Indulge in my soft rounded toes, elegant arched soles and delicate ankles.


Nipple tease / torture

Like two little pain pleasure dials on a human chest. I love twisting dials.


Feminisation Lessons

As the elegant Miss Opium with a wealth of experience in fashion and design, I am the perfect guide to becoming a quality specimen of femininity, beauty and sexiness. I’ll teach you to be a proper little temptress. With the right makeup wardrobe and manners I’ll transform your bulky lacklustre body into a cute little girl.


Pet play

I love playing fetch with a good puppy, or being entertained by adoring little kitties, be a good pet and maybe you’ll get a treat.


Tickle torture

Sometimes the gentlest touch is the most dangerous. I adore watching your face swell up into a like a big red berry as you try to hold yourself together.


Small penis humiliation

It’s disappointingly pathetic how penis centric male sexuality seems to be age.


Sessions will not include:

Sessions never include me being in nude anyway. I will not giving or receiving oral sex. Whether or not you get to orgasm or the method with which this is achieved is at my discretion.

I Don’t Do:

Needle play

Electro play

Blood / Knife play

Human Ashtray

Scat / Human Toilet / Hardsports

I do not play with people who do not have a full handle on their brain. If you arrive intoxicated I will keep your tribute without completing our session.